There is this can of worms, fishing worms.

The little worms are just sooo happy down underneath that nice rich dirt.

They think they are invisible and when you first take of the lid, they are actually invisible.

Because they are hidden down under the dirt doing whatever worms do, eating and reproducing I guess.

It's also dark in that can when the lid is on and those worms love the dark moistness.

Then suddenly, someone shakes up that can and exposes the worms by turning it upside down and taking the opposite lid off. The lid that was the bottom.

You see all the worms, slithering around trying to get back buried under the dirt. But too bad for them, they have been seen and their time is up. Or at least one particular one's time is up. Externally they still appear fat, plump, slithering joyfully but really, in reality they are dead! They even look like they are dancing but they are dead.

It happened like this. My friend was teaching a class. She put out a bit of God's truth. It took some people by surprise and they were upset. Then as I thought about what really happened in there I saw this worm picture. It was so funny and such a delightful revelation that I actually laughed out loud. I could "see" a can of worms sitting there in the middle of the table and the worms were actually dancing to some tune only they could hear.

Sure, the information was upsetting. Whenever we see that a favorite or even just a comfortable thing we do as sin (simple missing the mark), we are upset. Their feelings were like the worms. Because they were people who seek after God's heart, it was a given that they would receive the truth and act on it. That habitual practice, or thought pattern, or way of being, that wrong idea was dead but still at the moment they did not know it. Just like the worms, it (the thought pattern) was frolicking and/or trying to get back buried under the dirt.

So often in the past year, God has exposed faulty ways of thinking, ways that I had taken on and were just habitual. It was just the way it was and I did not even know I was mixed up. Those thought patterns sort of did have a life of their own. But every time Truth was heard, as soon as it was heard, they were dead. Even if they were or are still slithering around, dancing as it were, they are DEAD. The habitual responses were the dirt in the can of worms and sometimes they even appeared nice. The false perception was the worm. Nasty really, and praise God dead.

So now I can go, "Oh little worm, your time is up." And not even have to worry about it because LIGHT always WINS over darkness. That's just the way it is. Whatever is hidden, once seen must perish.


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