Unbidden  Tears

Unbidden Tears

Run Walk fall

Beloved, run to Me.

If you can not run, walk.

If you can not walk, crawl.

Beloved, when you can not even walk, then fall and call to Me.

Often it is in the times when you can do nothing at all except fall that you are most able to receive that which you need in your inner heart.


Beloved, your heart is hurting.

I know there are days and moments when you can not run or walk or crawl.

Beloved, there are times when you can not even fall.

For Beloved, the trauma that happened in effect paralyzed you dead in your tracks.

Even then--when you could not even fall--because I know your most intimate heart needs and because you have given Me permission, I have come.


Each time of unbidden tears has been a time of Me coming to minister release to you.

The tears have been releasing the pain.

Beloved, there will come a time to open the knapsack and examine the parts of this.

Remember, I am with you.

Never are you alone.

I am with you.








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