Times  Of  Life




What is,

            What isnÕt,

                        What wasnÕt,

                                    What never may be.

The past,

            The present,

                        The future,

All in His hand.


Today and tomorrow,

            Yesterday and before that,

All held in the palm of His hand.


Facing the times.

            Admitting the sorrow.

Coming before Him.

            Knowing He already knows.



                        Letting go,

                                    And letting in.


Staying as long as it takes,

            Or coming back as often as it takes.


But knowing for sure,

            That all those times,

Are held in the palm of His hand.


Knowing He was with us in the yesterdays,

            And will be with us in the tomorrows,

                        As surely as as He is in the here and now.









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