The Scream

The Scream

The scream says:
"I am unlovable!
Love me."
And God says:
"I do.
I always have."

The scream says:
"I am naked and ashamed.
Clothe me!"
Jesus says:
"I have.
With righteousness."

The scream says
I'm lost, alone!
Save me!"
Our Savior says:
"I already did,
On the cross."

The screams says:
"I'm going to die!"
And He responds:
Then you'll live in Me."

Beauty for Ashes
Joy for Sorrow
Life for Death
Love for Hatred
Wholeness for Brokeness

Restored Heart
Renewed Mind
Abundant Life
Grace Galore
Mercy Unending

The cost to you?
A scream.

All this I offer and much more,
Beyond your wildest dreams.
The cost?
A scream marked "PAID IN FULL!"

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