The Invitation To Come

The Invitation To Come

My child,
I stand with outstretched

Arms of Love.
For you to turn and come.

Run if you can
     Stagger or crawl if you must.
But come.

Offer to me that which you deem unacceptable.
Receive instead
     Love and affirmation.

You are mine
     I created you
          I desire you
               Just as you are right now.

Once you have come
     Each time you have come
          You are free then to return
               To your place in life
                    (chosen by me, with love)
But now it is different.
     For you are living and moving and having
          your being from within my love.

My child,
     Never forget,
          That at any moment you are also free to
               return for a fresh enfolding and

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