The Unseen.

Child, the spiritual world remains for many people mostly unseen--unexperienced.
Beloved, the unseen spiritual world is the true ruling world.
All power comes from the unseen spiritual world.
The natural world resonates to the melody of the spiritual world. When the spiritual world is in balance then there is harmony.
When it is out of balance there is disharmony.
The way to attain harmony and balance in your own life is to surrender to Me

Come to Me beloved One and rest at My feet and you will find peace for your soul.
     When you come to Me seeking My face,
          I will be found.
     For I never hide from those who earnestly seek my face.

Child, it is my delight to meet with you.
     At my feet you may lay aside all that burdens you.
I will come to you and hold you in my arms of pure holy love.
     I will minister to you, refreshment.

I came, Beloved, to carry for you your burdens.
     Every burden--sin--sickness--sorrow.
Child, as you surrender to me all those things,
     Any thing that I reveal to you,
          Everything that you need to give to Me,
Then, Child,
You are setting loose My power----My love,
To flow to you.

The exchange of your stuff for mine,
Happens in the spiritual rhelm.
But the outworking--------
That is My peace that passes understanding------
Occurs in both the spiritual rhelm and the physical one.

Beloved, Moses was radiant after he met with Me.
And you too,
My Beloved One,
Are radiant when you meet with Me.
That is one manifestation of harmony in the physical world.
But in order for there to BE harmony in the physical rhelm, there must first be harmony in the spiritual rhelm.

I am always with you,
Always--in all times and in all ways.
You are often unaware because for the most part you live in the physical world (rhelm).
Your awareness is more of the physical world.
But, Child, every thing,
Every single thing that goes on on this earth,
has its source in the unseen spiritual rhelm.

I created the world.
I set it into motion.
I created the world with laws-- natural laws and spiritual laws.
But even the natural laws are spiritual laws,
Because I am a spiritual being,
and I created them.

I am the source of everything,
And every thing has its source in Me.
Beloved that is why even when things are a mess all around you,
That you can walk in perfect peace.
For it is in the meeting with Me,
And the surrender to Me,
And the yielding to Me ,
Of all that concerns you,
That peace occurs.

Beloved, the exchange takes place (peace for “stuff”) in the spiritual rhelm,
But it manifests in the physical.
That IS harmony,
I will keep in perfect peace he whose mind, will, and emotions are set on Me.
Because the spiritual is then in balance ---as it is meant to be--
It is manifested as supernatural peace in the physical world.

Come to Me.
Continue to come.
Continually come.
Come to give,
Yes, give,
Give to Me all that concerns you.
Stay long enough to receive from Me--- My love.
Then go forth, in harmony,
To show to the world,
Peace that passes understanding.

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