The  Heart  Of  God

The Heart of God

There is a quote I heard recently, Tim Clinton quotes it on a CD, which is about healing from any kind of loss/grief.

“If we cant trace the hand of GOD,

We can still trust the heart of GOD.”

Then God began to speak to my heart, and perhaps yours as well……..

Beloved, when all seems dim and dark,

When you have no idea,

Where I am,

Or what I am doing,

When you wonder if I have abandoned you,

And you do not know which way to turn,

Then Beloved, turn the eyes of your heart to Me.


When you know it is I,

Who have called you,

And taken you by the hand,

And led you,

To what seems like a foreign forsaken lonely place,

When the journey is so difficult that you wonder if I am even aware,

Of what is going on,

Then, Beloved, turn the eyes of your heart to ME.


Remember that My heart is yearning toward you.

Remember, Beloved, at those times,

Who I am.

Recall, Beloved the history we share,

Both individually, just you and ME,

But also through the ages.


Listen with your heart.

Look with your heart.

You will find that your heart,


That I am good.

I am safe.

I am with you.

I am for you.

When you cannot see where I am leading you,

Still if you look with your heart,

And listen with your heart,

You will hear and feel and know,

That you can trust my heart.

Beloved, your heart knows…..






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