The  Call

Beloved, there are those who I have called to seek me with their whole hearts.


There will be a purging for these beloved ones

but in the end each of these will come to Me in gratitude that I did indeed do whatever it took.


Beloved there is nothing---not one thing----that can compare to heart to heart meetings with Me.

Not any person, place, or thing can compare.


I have called you.

I have issued the invitation, and you have chosen to accept.

So, Beloved One, when the fire is hot

and life is hard remember the end result is a depth of relationship---an immersion in Me---

that you can not begin to imagine.


And yes, this is a cycle of deeper and closer.

It is ongoing.

Each of you who have accepted this invitation

know who you are.

Each of you also has a history, a rememberance of a time when it WAS hard for you but after that time you went, ohhhh if that is what it took to get me to this place in YOU I would do it again.


Beloved, that in itself is an invitation for Me to work in your life.

So when the fire is hot, or people places or things (times) events are hard, remember

the end is worth the pruning and refining.

You are being drawn deeper into Me.





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