The Blanket

The Blanket

by Joan Ray

The Blanket

Jesus is standing there.
He is big---real big,
But gentle big.
He is wrapped in light.
He IS light but with form.
You know it is Jesus.

He is holding a --not a robe--not a blanket--not a banner,
but like that.
On this are written all the names of God.
But you can't really see them.
You just know they are there.
They are woven onto the very fabric of this thing.
It's soft, beautiful, shimmery, soft, thick but at the same time light.

When you come to him,
He wraps it around you.
He is there too, somehow, with you.

He knows
He knows
He knows
Exactly which name (attribute, quality, character) of God,
That your exactly need.
Right then.
Right at that moment.
You don't (really know what your need)but you may think you do.

He does because he can read, and feel your heart.
He knows.
He knows.
He knows.

Thing about you.
So he knows EXACTLY what you need.
Somehow that name of God comes to the forefront of that covering.
It is manifest, at that time.
If you relax there--in there--and let him have his way,
It will permeate and penetrate your very being.

All that time, you are in---within-wrapped in---
His love.
Receiving from him all that he is,
And yet at the same time exactly what you need right then.

This place is just so comforting and so safe.
While you are there time does not exist. It is possible to live life from
within this shelter.
For that time, during that time, for however long that time is--ALL that you
are aware of is HIM.