Healing From Life’s Hurts or Spaghetti

Picture a tangled mound of Spaghetti.
It looks so tangled, and yes, so white and boring is that Spaghetti.
Life is like that at times, a tangled mess or boring.
But with Yeshua, the tangles are melted and untangled.
He does it one by one.
He comes to us while we are still a tangled mess.
Our lives are such a tangled mess when we come to him.
He applies the Oil of the Spirit,so he can untangle the different strings.
At the same time this work is going on---and it is a forever work too--
He places sauce of various kinds on us.

If you put only a drop of oil in the pot when you cook spaghetti it never gets sticky and stuck together.
At this  moment each of us has areas where like tangled Spaghetti this event or that is touching another.
( Where they don't need too I may add).

The touching causes conflict in our own life or the lives of other.
Yehsua brings Oil and He will apply it to each event of our lives, past present and future.
He will untangles the mess for us.
And even while it’s going on, when the work is so far from complete,
He will prettify and make us “tasty” with coverings of various sort (sauces).
He may send this person or that person to minister to us, to speak a word into our lives, or just to be with us.  He will, even while we ourselves are being untangled, send us to minister to another, He will give us times of intense worship, he will speak through his word.  He will bestow upon us the beauty of nature.  He will open our eyes from even within pain to be and behold the wonder of life, especially life lived in him.

The spaghetti picture is an analogy  of His work of transformation in our lives. He will bring us joy for sorrow and He will removed the “tangles” we all have.
For it is his desire and his will to do so.
joan March 2008

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