Short words of Wisdom to think upon

Short words of wisdom to think upon.

Resting in Jesus requires and arises from
Living in the moment,
Aware of him and yielded to him,
From within the moments of life.

To embrace God is to live in the moment.
To live in the moment is to embrace God.
To live in the moment is to live an abundant life.
Then --in that moment--you are clothed in him
As well as protected by him.

To follow him is to come to him as child.
A child lives in the moment.

When you are engaged in worship,
Or prayer,
Your heart is turned toward and tuned to God.

When you are ministering to another you are “in the moment”.

When you are listening to his voice,
You are “in the moment”.

When you are living “in the moment”,
You are in touch with yourself,
With God, and with others.

Life is meant to be lived “in the moment”.
joan 10-14-07

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