Shame II

Shame II

Shame entered mankind at the fall because of sin.

Shame entered a child when she/he was criticized or punished for being.

Intentional shame can be placed on a child as a way of controlling.

If a child is very different from the rest of the family or from the expectation then there is the shame of unacceptance.

Shame is the opposite of acceptance.

Shame is rejection.

Rejection of who you are---- actually rejection of who I created you to be.

Shame is not the same as conviction. Conviction leads to repentance and a turning to Me. Shame leads to hiding--literally of self..

Acceptance whether of self or the fact that you have sinned removes the shame.

Had Adam and Eve come to me and said, "I sinned, the outcome would be different. They chose to blame each other.

There is no shame, nor sin that can separate you from me.

You carry a load of shame on your back. It smashes you into something you are not. It causes you to mistrust and reject positive affirmation.

Shame is your clothing, you cloak, your mantle. It is your chosen way of being.

You have a right to exist but more than that, child, you have a right--I created you for--an abundant life in Me.

In Me you live and move and have your being.

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