Shame I

Shame I

Shame is a sense of being, a way of being, that says, "I'm bad. It's my fault."

When shame is your covering then life or aspects of life will weigh you down.

The opposite of shame is receiving/acknowledging how I see you.

Shame is pervasive, a slippery slimy tool that the enemy of your soul uses to keep you from stepping into the inheritance that is already yours, that of beloved child, a pleasure to behold.

Just as faith is real regardless of outward circumstances so also is my view of you. I say you are loved, beloved and that is true regardless of how you feel or how life is treating you.

There is no failure that changes my view of you.

You are a vessel of beauty and a joy to behold.

Even more so than a toddler is to you. You know how precious toddlers are even when they are misbehaving.

You step out of shame based thinking by owning it and repenting of believing what others and even you yourself have put on you instead of what I say. But you also need to walk it out.

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