Shadow Child

Shadow Child

There is a child,
     A shadow child,
Who walks about
     Clothed in shame.
Afraid to hope.
     Filled with despair.
For she perceives
     No right to "be".

Shadow Child, Children of the Shadows,
     Hidden, alone--even from self.
Shut down, closed off.
     Caught in a walled prison.

A prison made in response to life.
     Yet longing to escape.
Longing for someone to reach inside and pull him out.
     Fearing that if they did,
He would surely die.
     For then all would see,
All would know the shame,
     That is a part of him.

Look around you,
     As you go.
Look also within.
     Do you see the Shadow Children
All around?

The little ones, not yet grown.
     The grown-up ones,
Who were never young.
     Within each there are the shadow places.
Places of our hearts,
     That we think are hidden from,
The one who sees all.

Do you dare to,
     Will you risk to,
Invite that hidden one within
     To come out into the light?

Do you dare,
     Will you risk,
Asking God to show
     That Shadow Child
The truth?