Rocks in a Mountain Stream

Rocks in a Mountain Stream

I am the Living Water.
     I flow like a mountain river.
          It is called also a stream.
My stream flows in a solid, powerful, never ending stream of Living Love.
     My Flowing Love never changes.
          The force of it never diminishes.

Sometimes, people, like those rocks that poke out, become so hardened of heart that they divert my Love.      It's there.
          My Love never changes in intensity .
But the hardened of heart resist.
     And so, I must go around.

There are those others, like where you see the white water, who are in my Love.
They let it flow.
But there are areas of resistance.
Those areas cause the restlessness and the turmoil of the white water.

Then there are those who are submerged in my Love.
     That is calm water.
          When you look, you can see that the rock is there,
               Smooth, shimmering, beautiful, complete and whole.

You are in the white water.
     I am smoothing and perfecting.
It is rough now but the power of my love will smooth off and eliminate that which is hard.

     Then you will be a smooth water rock--in Me.
          Abiding fully in Me
     Resting in Me
               Covered by Me
But still existing,
          Complete and

This was written several years ago. Since then I have realized that when we are in the white water areas, by a choice to be there, He will give us respite periods. During those times, (they may be hours, minutes , day, even weeks or months) we will experience what it truly means to be in Christ. And so we will more and more willingly surrender and even welcome the times of refinement in the white water.

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