Robes of Love

Robes of Love

One day I awoke thinking about how God exchanges our filthy rags for his robes of righteousness. A gift. Freely given. Part of the Divine exchange of our stuff for His stuff.

And then began to think about the fabric from which the robes of righteousness are made.

It is a fabric woven from his Love.

Robes made of Love so strong that nothing can penetrate or destroy them.
Love strong enough to die for us to carry our pain, our sorrow, our sickness (emotional or physical), our shame and our sin. Yet soft enough to enfold us. Strong enough to mold us, while enfolding us but also flexible enough to let us choose to disallow the enfolding and molding.

Softer than the softest petal of a rose.
Sheerer-lighter than any fabric ever seen by man.
Yet stronger than the strongest mail or bullet proof vest. Fabric more durable than the oldest fossil and yet new every morning.

It's really interesting to think about the qualities of his great love for each of us.

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