I am the God of restoration.
My desire is to restore what the enemy has stolen,
as well as anything you have given away.

In order to receive,
All you need to do is come to Me.
Sit at My feet and listen with your heart open to hear my heart.
At times I will show you an area of repentance,
Or a place where new direction is needed.
At other times I will simply come
And pour into you that which you need
At that time ---for that time.

Each time there is restoration,
There will also be a new level of intimacy with Me.

Beloved, restoration does not simply mean,
Giving back what the enemy has stolen.
It may entail that.
Restoration is often not the same as what was taken or given away.
Beloved, it is BETTER.
For true restoration always involves,
Restoration of your heart unto Mine.
You were created for pure, holy, uninhibited fellowship with Me.
The epitome of restoration is just that,
Restoring a part of your heart,
So that you will more and more be able to be open with Me,
More and more able to walk in the knowledge and awareness of,
My presence with you,
No matter where you go,
Or what you are doing.

So come, sit a while with Me.

Beloved there is always more,
And always deeper,
Intimacy with Me.
I delight to bestow on My children abundant life,
And that, Beloved, is life lived in Me.

joan 8-22-07

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