Rest In Me---Rest On Me

Rest In Me---Rest On Me

Rest in Me.
     Rest on Me.

Rest in Me means to rest in:
     My Provision,
          My Love,
               My Care,
     My ability to control the situations of life.

Rest on Me means to rest:
     Your cares,
          Your worries,
               Your sorrows,
                    Your burdens,
                         Your griefs,
All, child, of that which you cannot understand or solve,
     As well as your joys, successes,
          All that is good in life,
On My shoulders (on the cross)
Where they belong.

Each time,
     Every time,
          As many times as necessary,
               As often as necessary.
For I never weary of your smallest request.

I never weary of my children's cries to me.
In fact, I wait, I long for you to turn to me in your distress.

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