Open Hearts

Open Hearts

by Joan Ray

Open Hearts

My Children, My Beloved Children,
I love you dearly.

You may think at times,
That there are areas of your heart,
That you want to hide from Me.

But know this:
There is no secret hidden from Me.
I see into your hearts.
And I love you dearly.

Come to Me.
Come before Me,
With an open heart.
Allow Me to show you,
The truth that I see,
In your heart.

For it is in the seeing,
Not by Me---- by you,
That the healing comes.

I already see,
And I love you.
If you will let Me in,
To those so called hidden places,
I will cleanse and restore.

Do not fear to bring what is hidden,
Into My light,
For that is where restoration begins.

joan 6-25-07