Obey or Not

My Child
Do you truly desire to live your life in Me?
There is, you know, a cost.
The cost is willful and willing surrender.
If you want to live your life in Me, you can no longer pick and choose.
You may not say, “Today I will, Tomorrow I may not.”
It requires a one time choice to say, “Whenever Jesus calls, I will say “Yes”.”
True there may be times you are unsure if it is truly Me calling you.
But even then, unless it is counter to my written word,
You will need to obey.
Obedience is part of "opposite world."
It seems so hard.
And yet is is so liberating.

This is one of those doors(windows) I spoke of earlier.
What will you choose?
Remember what I said,
Anything less than instant obedience is willful disobedience.
I am issuing to you an invitation.
Will you come?
joan ray

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