When Need Bids You Come

Beloved there are times, moments in time, and even blocks of time, when due to the circumstances of life,

your need for Me appears greater.

In fact, your need for Me is the same.

But in these times of crisis or change the awareness of your need for Me is obvious.

It is during these times of intense need that you are enabled to come to Me.
You are drawn to come to Me in those times.

I am waiting for you to come.
When you do,
Abandoning all notion that you can "fix" the situation, or satisfy the need,
Then you will be moved to a deeper level in Me.

So come and continue to come to Me.
Bring with you all that you are--all that concerns you---and lay it down,
So that you can embrace what I have for you,
Knowing that it will be good.
And knowing that you will be received, restored, renewed, and refreshed.

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