My Love

My Love

My Child
There are times of waiting.
There are times of fulfillment too.
But Child, there is no time that is void of my presence.
I am with you.

I can hear the cry of your heart even when you cannot.
And Child, I minister to that heart cry even before you are aware of it.

When your heart is heavy that is not a reflection on you.
     Not a judgment.
          No reason for condemnation.

My Child, I love you.
     I love you when you´re sad, or happy, or pensive, or joy filled.
I love you when you worship, but child, I love you also when you forget how to worship.

I love you when you come,
But I love you just as much when you neglect to come.

For Child, there is no end to my love for you.

My love does not change because of circumstances.
My love just "is".
Because I "am".
Rest in the knowledge,
The sure and certain knowledge of my love for you.

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