My Daughter

My Daughter

Child, Daughter,
You are loved,
You are My beloved,
     My bride,
          My daughter,
               My child.
I have loved you with an everlasting Love.
I created you, called you into being because of My great Love for YOU.

Because I wanted a relationship with you,
I sent my Son, to suffer and die.
It was for you he was bruised.
But I will not bruise you.

Yes, Child, bruises will come.
They are a part of life.
Others will hurt you and you in turn will hurt not only others but yourself.

Bruises are the result of iniquity
Yours and that of others.
Bruises, if allowed to fester, become wounds:
     Anger becomes hate.
          Hate becomes revenge.
               Revenge becomes bitterness.
                    Bitterness poisons your soul.

But you are,
     You were,
          And you forever will be,
Called to be My Beloved

The choice is yours.
Will you accept my gift?
Will you allow yourself to be loved?
Will you surrender ALL,
     Every part of you.
               (daily and moment by moment)
     All the good as well as the bad,
          Joy as well as sorrow,
               The past the present the future,
                    The desire to hold back, to protect,
                         to shield yourself/your heart,
     And then allow your self to be loved.

In so doing you will become beloved.
In your heart,
          In your eyes,
You will receive the identity of Beloved
          Beloved of God,
               Beloved Child of God,
                    Beloved Friend of God,
                         Beloved Bride of Christ,

To become to feel beloved-----is a choice to allow yourself to Be Loved.

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