Moth To Flame 

As a moth is drawn to a light,

      So also are you drawn to the flame--

            the fire of My love.

As a moth is consumed by the very light that drew it forth,

      so also will you be

             and are being consumed by the flame of                       My love.


I am an all consuming fire.

      Like the moth you will be consumed.

But unlike the moth you will flourish,

      While you are being consumed.

Interior heart attitudes,

      Thoughts and desires,

            That have not been in alignment will                            perish.

This will make room for new heart attitudes,

      Which are more in alignment with Mine.

            At times it will feel like a struggle.

                  It may even look like a struggle.

                        For Beloved, it is a struggle.

                  You have chosen to rest in My love,

                        To rest in My will.

During this process,

      The times of resting in Me are very vital.

            In the times of being with Me

                  Restoration occurs.

                        It is the place where the                                               Transformation is completed.


(These times are sometimes alone with Me times.

Sometimes they are times with others in worship or ministry.)


I have called you.

      You have received the call,

            Therefore the work is complete.

                  Although at the same time,

                        It is a life long work.


Do not fear the flame

      For it is the flame of My love for you.

It was My love that first drew you

      It is Love invited you

            It is My love within you

                  That caused you to accept the call.

                        And it is My love,

                              My strong yet gentle love,

                                    That is doing the work.


Yes refiners fire.

      You will be drawn deeper and deeper.

            This is who I created you to be.





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