More Bridges

More Bridges

There are many kinds of bridges.
All bridges are functional. They have not only a form but a specific function. Some, as those the Army Corps of Engineers build, can be temporary and portable.

Some span rivers.
Some span chasms.
Some span highways.
They connect roadways/paths even buildings (like in Chicago and Nemours Clinic to Baptist Hospital).
Some are underground. Those are called tunnels but still are bridges in function.

What is the purpose of a bridge? Any bridge?
It is to get you from here to there.
All bridges have an innate beauty.
Some have an esthetic beauty (covered bridges, suspension bridges etc.).
Some are just functional.

People can even form an attachment to bridges like the Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine or even the old Palm Valley Bridge.

Some people are afraid of driving or walking on a bridge just as Pepper was to walk on the bare floor. See Pepper story

Some bridges visibly sway, like little foot bridges made of rope or cables.
Bridges can be elaborate or simple.

Jesus is the ultimate bridge. He not only is that one time bridge, the covering for our sin so that we can stand before/relate to a Holy God but he was also the bridge to the Holy Spirit.
Remember, he said he must go but he would send another or so that he could send another, who will bring you into all truth?
Jesus was also a bridge to the Father. He said that he and the Father are one and if we have seen him we have seen the Father. In order to be our bridge, he lay down his life.

We are bridges at different times, in different places and in different ways. We can be no less for we are called to "be like Christ." He is our role model and Jesus is/was/and will continue to be a bridge.

When we smile at another, we are a bridge and when they receive it both of our spirits leap with joy.

When we see another believer, even a stranger, at times we feel our spirit leap within, just as Elizabeth did when she met Mary.

When we sit with another in prayer we are a bridge. Sometimes /always to Jesus, but also to help them cross from one way of being to another. When we allow another the honor of sitting with/for us in prayer we are also a bridge.

The question Jesus poses for each of us is, "Will you lay down your life each time I beckon and be for that time and place a bridge?"
It will require the laying down of self. You may be tired or busy with other things when you perceive the call . Each time we have a choice.

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