A Love Song To God

Every time you press past the fear,
     Every time You turn your face to Me,
Every time you call out to Me,
     Every time you bend your knee,
Every time you smile my smile to another
     Every time your heart weeps over sin
          Be it your personal sin
               Or the sin so prevalent in your world,
Child, every time you turn to Me,
     Turn back to Me,
          In the smallest way
Then, My child, you are singing a love song to Me.

It matters not where you are,
     Every time you turn to Me,
          From within or without,
Then you sing your love song to Me.

Your song is sung from within the context of your life.
     Alone or in a crowd,
          In your closet or at the mall,
               In a joy filled roar or a muffled wail,
               A Love Song To God
                    In a whisper or a shout,     
                         Written, spoken aloud, or in your heart.

Child, it matters not where,
     It matters not how,
When you live your life in Me
     Then Child, you are singing a love song to Me.

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