Love and Trust


Forever I have loved you.
Forever I will love you.

Child, you can come,
Trusting in My goodness.

It is safe to relax in My love.
My love can not be taken from you.

Just as I "am",
So also my love just "is".

You can come,
I am inviting you to come,
And pour out your love on Me.
I AM safe to love.


You can place all your trust in Me.
You can trust in My love.

Beloved, you ARE in My love.
Held safe within My love.

You can dare to trust completely and more fully
Than ever before.

Your heart is safe with Me.
Because you ARE safe in Me,
In My embrace,
You can open yet more fully,
Your heart to Me.

There are hurting places within your heart.
Those places have been hidden.
But you are safe with Me.
So it is safe to open those places to Me,
For my healing touch.


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