Log Jam.

Have you seen a picture of log jam?

Log jams can be severe or milder.
But in every case they block the flow of the river.
My love is a river flowing forth to you.
My love is without end.
My love is always flowing.
However, there can be “log jams” that hinder your perception of it.

A log jam occurs whenever you turn away from Me,
whenever you close off your heart to Me in any way.

They can occur from fear.
Fear of being seen as you truly are.
They can occur from choosing to turn from my ways and choosing instead your own ways.

When you close off your heart, or any area of you heart, then just like a log jam stops up a river, you stop up yourself from receiving My love.
Child, my love NEVER ceases flowing to you.
I ALWAYS love you.
But you so often block yourself from receiving it.

You know what it feels like when you are allowing My love to flow unhindered to you.
You also know when (your perception of) that flow lessens.

Child, as soon as you realize that something has hindered the flow of My Spirit, turn to Me.
Open wide your heart.
Allow Me to show you what the source of the log jam is.

And remember, Beloved, just as it is easier to clear a smaller log jam, in the natural, so also is it easier to clear a small one in the spiritual.
The longer you allow the jam to remain the larger and tighter it gets.

So come , My child, each day and from within each day, and invite Me into your heart. Then when I show you what the “log” is,
Quickly release it to Me.

Child sometimes that involves repentance, but just as often, it will involve simply coming and releasing to Me that which burdens your heart,
those little cares and worries which you tend to carry instead of releasing them to Me.

Remember, you are My Beloved,  My love IS flowing to you.
I know you, intimately.
I know your heart longs to be in awareness of My presence with you.

So come and continue to come to Me. Allow My love, the river of Living Water to flood every cell of your being.
For you truly are My Beloved One.
joan 8-18-07

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