Little Lessons From The Olive Tree

Little Lessons From the Olive Tree


You are like my olive trees.

There are lessons to be learned from the olive tree.


As the wind blows and life happens,

     Remember I am with you.

Do not be surprised when,

     You are shaken.

The shaking releases the fruit.


Never cringe and draw back,

     When you are being pruned

Know this, the pruning is necessary.

     In order for you to function,

As I created you to function.

     The pruning is good for you.


Don’t look at your outward appearance.   

     I do not.

Instead, consider the heart, (the trunk)

     It is so sturdy,

Created to withstand the elements,

     When something comes against it.

All that does is make it stronger.

     When things come against you,

When your heart is wounded,

     Turn to Me,

You heart will become,

     Stronger in Me.


Your heart IS being made stronger in Me,

     You may feel weaker or even look weaker.

But your heart is strong in ME--- sturdy.


You often give comfort to others,

     Without even realizing you have,

Much like the shade offered by the olive tree.


An olive tree is useful,

     It was created to provide.

Many different things, wood, shelter, fruit, oil.

     When I look at an olive tree,

I do see the potential in it.

     But that is not why I created it.

I created it because it gave me pleasure,

     To do so.

Beloved, when I look at you,

     Yes, I see the potential in you,

I see the things that only you will do,

     The lives you have touched,

The lives you will touch.

     But never forget,

The reason I created you,

     Was because I love you.

My desire is to enjoy you,

     Just because you are.

joan 9-7-08

in response to “OliveTree



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