Letting Go

Letting Go

by Joan Ray

Letting Go
(a prophetic writing)

Letting go
Of that
Which is comfortable
And familiar
And seems so safe
But is in reality
Like walking on a path
Made of shards of glass
Filled with pain and sorrow
Which is also comfortable
And familiar
So much so
That it has up to now
Not been perceived as pain
But rather seemed normal.
In order to embrace the fullness
Of what Abba has for you
Even though that seems
And unfamiliar.

Recognizing that at times
Perception is deception
And that Jesus is standing
Arms open wide
To embrace and
Enfold you and
Carry you home.

Looking around in devastated wonder
At the choices you have made
To remain separate from yourself
And hence separate from Him
For until you are fully you
There is no way you can be fully His.

joan 7-24-07