In Him

Child, you are in Me.
There is no where else for you to be.
For once you have accepted me you are “in Me”.
However, there is also a walking out of being “in Me”.

It is in Me that you live and move and have your being.
When you are in Me,
    When you spend time in Me
    You are changed.

It is like this:
    You ARE in Me.
        It is positional.
        When you are born again,
All that I have  becomes available to you.

        But it is also relational
            And to relate you must spend time with one.
        So therefore:
            The more time you spend with Me,
                The more often and,
                    The longer amounts of time,
                You spend resting in Me,
                    Letting Me love you,
                        Listening to Me,
                            Relaxing in Me,
                                Giving to Me,
                            All your cares your worries,
                        As well as,
                            All of your joys and sorrows,
                Then you become more aware of what,    
                    Relationally being in Me (in him)
                        Feels and looks like.
That is the outworking of the one time “in him”.

There is also an “in him”,
    As in “inhim” I live and more and have my being.
Child, that is something that takes practice and obedience.
    You are being drawn,
        You are being called,
            I am wooing you,
                To come.
            To come continually and,
                To continue to come.
            For it is in the coming
                And the sitting
            That you realize what it is to be in Me,
                To live and move and have you being “in Me”.

Child, I know that is the desire of your heart.
    It is a good desire,
        A holy desire.
            I am the one who planted it into your heart.
        There will be trials,
    There will be hard things in life,
        And yet as you come,
            Continue to come,
                And continually come,
                    You will more and more,
        Be able to live and move and have your very being in Me.

Child, I am in you.
    You are in Me.
        Come and let my presence flow over you
    And through you.

(And by the way, people can see your transformation happening before their very eyes.)

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