In That Moment

In That Moment


When come to Me,

Bringing with you ALL that you are in that moment,

       Every feeling

              Every desire

                      Every need

                             Every hurt or sorrow

                                    All the joys

Whatever it is that you ŇareÓ in that moment,

       And fix your eyes on Me,

              Looking deep into My eyes,

                      You will find that I am drawing you,

                             Into My embrace.


When you are in My embrace,

       All else ceases to matter.  

              And for that time,

                      As you linger there with Me,

                             With your heart open to Mine,

                      You will discover,

              That everything seems different.


You will find that, in the time, 

       Of focusing on Me,

              You have been changed



                                    And restored.

                      ALL that you need

              In that moment,

       Will be given unto you.



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