His Love

I am Living Water.
My Spirit flows to you continuously,
For you are My Beloved.

I desire to meet with you and pour forth to you unending love from the stream of Living Water.

When you come to Me wide open,
Opening your heart to Me,
I will pour forth to you.

Beloved, eyes have not seen nor ears heard the full wonder of who I am.

The most and the deepest and the best
You have ever experienced is just a touch of--a taste-- of who I am.

I am love,
                    Golden love.

Love that has no limitations,
Other than your ability to receive.

Beloved, My love
Is more than you can imagine.
It has no bounds, no limits.

Just as I am,
So also is My love.

All that I do is embodied in My love .
For I am love.

Oh, Beloved, each time you come and taste and see you will find that it is music to your soul.

Each time you come and drink from My well of unending love your thirst will be slaked.

At the same time your desire to meet with Me---
To receive from Me-- will become an insatiable desire.

And that, Beloved, is as it should be,
For I am all consuming love.

All the time,
    At all times,
        Within any time,
            And unlimited by time,
                I stand,
                    Offering to you My love.
Oh Beloved
Come to Me.
Accept that which I offer.
It is balm for your soul.
It is healing.
It is life for your spirit.
It calls your heart to LIFE.

Come Beloved,
All the time,
From within all times.
Beloved, do not limit My limitless love.

I am waiting for you to turn,
To look and see,
And open to Me,
All that you are,
Each secret hidden place.
Beloved, do you really think that ANYTHING is hidden from Me?
Those places
That you think you need to hide from even yourself
Are the very places
            That I desire to enter.
And Beloved when you let Me in
You will find that they are not as you thought
Beloved there truly is no mountain
     No sin
          No sorrow
               Nothing that is beyond the reach of my redemptive love.

You have tasted and you have seen
You are beginning to lose all fear
All hesitation
For as you come
And as you dare to invite Me in
You discover for yourself
What I promise
You are safe with me

Feb. 08

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