The  Place  of  Heart  Pain

The Place of Heart Pain


There is a place of heart pain,

     Where sorrow is manifest.

The pain is very real.

     The loss is real.

          The love is real.

               Your heart is real.

For many years you have held the pain at bay,

     For all your life in fact

It is the sorrow and the loss of who you were created to be.

     It is the pain of denying who you are.

          The loss of ______ augmented the pain,

               Made your heart too full to deny,

                     The existence of the loss.

It was a real loss.

     It is a real pain.

          The loss of self.

               The loss of love.

                     The loss of a sense of being.

Together we will face it.

     I will fill that place with love,

          With joy.

               With peace.

Not explaining,

     Or rationalizing,

          Or making do,

               Not denying the loss,

                     But bringing it to Me.

I will absorb it into myself

     And you will be set free

          To be at a deeper level

               Who you were created to be.







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