My Child,
    I stand before you,
        Holding out to you,
Open to Me:
    Your heart,
        Your hands.
Come before Me
    Opening up your “self”
        To receive
            That which I have for you.

My gifts are not burdensome.
    They bring with them,
        Joy and peace,
            A sense of security.

When you are open to Me.
    Willing to receive.
        That which I desire,
            To bestow on you.
Then you ARE safe and secure

At the same time I was “seeing”--It was like I could see he wanted us/me to hold up open hands to receive that which he had.  Just as his love is continually flowing to us--so also are his gifts.

It was like you could see this golden glitter dust or something --just pouring from him to us. We can stand in the flow and receive or we can step away. We can open our hearts or shut down our hearts.

But with it--is joy and peace and love and contentment and fulfillment.

"Open to Me", he says.--”No it will not change--it has never changed. The gifts like my love are there all the time time pouring forth.
No, no I am not going to snatch them back.”

It felt so good to do as he said--the feeling was one of
a sweetness and a beautifulness.
                                           1-16-07  Joan Ray

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