Flowing Love

My love is good.
    Forever, continually
        It is pouring forth to you.

As you relax
    And lift your heart to Me
        As you come before Me
            And relax in My presence,
                My Love  will flow
                    Over you
                        Through you.

Open to Me,
    Your heart.
        Allow My Love to flow to you.

I do not see as you do,
    I see hearts.
        Past, Beloved, the walls,
            To the hidden heart places.
                Your heart does follow after Me.

Beloved you are way too hard on yourself.
    Allow yourself to,
        Relax in My presence.
            Open to Me,
                Your heart.
                    There is nothing there,
                        Which I have not already seen.

I desire to pour My love on you.
    So relax,
        Cease from the self-protection,,
            Of hiding your heart from Me,
                (That is futile anyway).
                    Come before Me,
                        With an open heart.

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