Floating in God's Provision

Floating in God's Provision

Think of floating. It is relaxing. But to float you must be relaxed. You cannot thrash and float. You must be in a state of peace. To float for the very first time, or 2nd, or 3rd, you may need arms below you. That means in the spiritual realm, a partner to uphold you. But, child, only until you have experienced the peace and peacefulness of floating.

You can, my child, go through life like that surrounded in a peaceful state regardless of the circumstances. Sometimes you need prayer to uphold you, and you are allowed to cry out for help.

If your child was floating in the middle of a pool and a bee stung him and he began to scream and cry and even thrash (because, Child, that bee sting hurt), what would you do?
     Condemn him for forgetting to float?
          For screaming for help?
No, you would jump in to hold him and you wouldn't even care what you were wearing.

Life is full of bee stings, or gnat bites, or deer flies and they hurt and sometimes, even often, cause you to forget to float. But child I never condemn. Rather I provide.

If you, if my children, choose to hold in a silent scream or withdraw to self or sin, I let you. But unlike a mother, who may not even be aware,
     I know,
          I weep,
               And as soon as you cry out for Me,
I am there,
               Totally loving.

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