Fat Frog

                First A Story  

A child gets a book called Fat Frog.
She is reading the book but the book is about a princess sitting in her bed, reading a book called Fat Frog.
There is a cloud in the room with the child.
Page after page is read about the frog becoming Fat Frog.
As the book is read the little girl is looking and looking.
The cloud is getting less and less.
Suddenly the cloud is “poof” gone just as the frog says, “Oh I see, that is why I have to lose my tail,
So that I can become what I was created to be.”

The little girl begins to smile in joy for now she knows that during life she is simply becoming who she too was created to be.
Just like the frog in the book, she will go through many changes.
But each one brings her closer to being who she was created to be.
In the story, as each change happens and as the frog in the story changes.
She begins to understand
As her mind is transformed, the cloud becomes
much smaller.

At the end when she willingly says, “Oh I see that is why I must lose my tail too (embrace and receive the changes),” at that part the sun breaks through and the scene is bathed in light.

                   Next, The Word

It is as we willingly embrace,
    That which must be,
Even if it involves losing,
    What has up till then been a part of ourselves,
            A very real too and tangible part,
That we receive the joy.

    There are many things in life,
        On the road of life,
            That seem good to us,
                And are good,
                    Even necessary.
                But at some point.
            Like the frogs tail,
        Must fall away fall off,
    (Be willingly relinquished),
So that we can step forth into the "new" me/place.

It looks different.
    It feels different.
        It is a tad bit frightening,
            To be becoming so different.

It is, however, a place of joy.
    The joy comes from surrendering,
        to the plan and purpose that GOd has for us.
Truly trusting that what is happening,
    Although it is so different
    And so scary,
        Is a GOOD thing!
Joy comes from embracing the “becoming”,
    No matter what it entails,
        Or how different it is,
            From what you are familiar with.

joan 8-4-08
                     Finally The Background

It started this with a dream that a white van-- a very odd looking truck van---that in fact doesn't exist --there is no vehicle looks like that---
Comes up to my door and leaves a messy package
plus some spilled letters that the post man had failed to deliver.
I saw it and though oh there is that book from Sue,
the little book she called it. ( I am anticipating a book from Sue in real life.)
But when I opened the door it was this huge book a big book style book about a frog and i was like, “A frog book???”.
But then I took it and began to read it and to marvel at the pages, how lovely the pix were.
At the same time a little girl
was being read to.
Then there was a story, like a mini novel-- the dream part I wrote.

We receive from God things we think we have been waiting for----
think we know what they are going to be like ---
and then when we get them ---
they are so different than we imagined.

It important to really receive open and explore them, because every good gift comes from God and often we miss the gifts because we expected something else, or we are too afraid or too rebellious and unwilling to receive and even embrace that which he has allowed.

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