Fan into Flame

Fan into Flame

As we worship, we sing "fan into flame."----I realize that the fire of God needs only the tiniest ember to be fanned into flame. The keepers of the fire in bible times used embers from a fire that might appear dead. In pioneer times they banked the fire at night to ensure that there would remain an ember and they, usually the child of the house, got up to fan it into a full flame for heat or cooking.

I began to hear: For Child, the smallest ember will become a raging fire when it is fanned into flame.

Think, Child, what of oil? The oil of the Holy Spirit along with the wind of the Holy Spirit will indeed fan into a raging fire.

When firemen teach us how to put out a fire, special care must be taken with an oil fire. For if you try to put out an oil fire by the usual means, you simply spread it abroad. How do you put it out? Only by covering it up to keep out the oxygen.

That is why you must remain in my Word and my words remain in you. For they are like the air(oxygen) you breathe and as long as my word is active, then the fire will grow.

Later: My word is active, my word never returns void, my word is not only true it is Truth. My Word brings life and brings to life. Remaining in my Word and allowing the truth of my Word, the truth of who I am, to permeate every aspect of your being will fan into flame that which already indwells each of you. Fire to set your heart on fire.
     Fire to remove the dross.
          Fire to spread the truth of Who I Am into all the world.
Yield to Me.
     Allow me to consume all that is not of me.
          Come to the Refiner's Fire.
               Go into the world and share my Fire, by being the bearer of the
               burning coals.
Hear My Truth.
     Speak My Truth.
          Live My Truth.
Live life from within Me.

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