II Corinthians 5:7 We walk by faith, not by sight.

My child, Every thing you do is a result of faith.
The question is, where do you place your faith.

From whence does your faith arise?
Is your faith based on circumstances, past or present?
Is your faith based on what has always been? The way things have always seemed?
Is your faith based solely on your abilities, your natural sight?

Yes, you do live in a natural world. The sun rises and sets, gravity exists.
There are many things that you can see, taste, hear and touch with your natural eyes, ears, hands. Yet there is another reality beyond what has always been.
A reality that transcends what you can experience in the natural.

Even though you live in the world, a world, my Child that I created. A world where there are things that do happen just as the always have, that is not the source of your faith. Nor is it the sum of your existence.

You have tasted and seen that I am real. You have experienced my touch for yourself and have been around to witness my touch for others. You can not usually see Me but that does not change the reality of my existence. I spoke and all that is deemed the natural order of things came into being. But child, before that I was.
When the world as you know it was a formless void, I was. There are spiritual realities that transcend the natural order of things They do not violate those laws but co-exist.

My presence is one of those. My love is another. I am always with you. Forever and ever I go before you. Will place as much faith in what is unseen as what is observable?
To trust in me explicitly is simply a decision. Hence faith is a decision.

Part of maintaining true faith is to have a true picture of who I am, my nature, my character. When you meditate on Me then faith falls in line. As you do so more and more it even becomes effortless.

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