Draw Near

This is a season I have given you to walk with Me in.
I know you are scared to sit with Me.
And I know too that you  know it is an irrational fear.
Beloved, it is also normal.
You have received a shock.
Beloved, I did not desire that for you.
It is true I allowed it.
It is true I warned you.
My warning did not cause it to happen, rather My warning enabled you to go through that day.
This is a time to draw closer to Me.
Yes, at times you will cry.
Do not let anyone tell you that is not ok.
I am with you.
I am holding you.
Draw near to Me.
Beloved, don't retreat from Me.
Come to Me for you.
I am with you.
I am with her too.
I am blessing you.
I am using this time for you and for My glory.
I know it does not seem so.
I know you are so weary.
I know your energy is low.
That is precisely why you need to sit with Me.
So, come Beloved.
Continue to come.
Continually come.
I am with you.
I am for you.
I promised never to leave you or forsake you.
Beloved, I love you fully.
This is a time when the rough edges are being washed away.
The floods of tears are releasing long buried sorrow as well as the current sorrow.
It is ok to be sad off and on.
In fact Beloved, it is I who cause the tears to begin to flow.
Each time they do, remember it is because your heart is yielded to Me that you are able to cry.
It is because I am with you in the tears that they flow.
I am with you at all times.
Remember, cling to the fact that no matter what anyone says or thinks you are secure in Me.
You are my beloved one.

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