Dog Leash

One day, I was listening to the Lord and thinking about times when I am so very aware of His presence with me and other times when I feel so distant.  He showed me a picture where I saw that once we belong to Him, we are attached to Him forever.  He used a picture of a dog leash.

(Course we are in no way dogs.)

The Lord is saying to some, “Come on” to others, “Slow down take a deep breath.”

He is holding a string/cord like those dog kind that retract, so the dog thinks it has a lot of freedom.

The dog can heel, walk close, or wander off, BUT the dog is still attached.

We are attached like that to Him.


The string/cord is pure and golden made out of His love.

No matter how far we go, it is still there.

He won’t yank on it, well sometimes He will.

But generally, He gives us freedom.

We choose how close to Him we walk.


LORD, help us to stay really CLOSE.


When we are really close,

We feel the warmth of His body heat.

We feel His heart beat.

We feel His breath.

That is why, when we wander off and are further from  Him, we are not happy campers.

Our Beloved reminds us…….

“I draw you with cords of love.”


He wants all our heart and all our body.


Every part of us.



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