Directions for Change-Break

Directions for Change-Break

by Joan Ray

Directions For Change/Breakthrough

Embrace the truth,
Of the perceptual reality,
That you have lived under,
For so long.

Acknowledge Me,
Even in these ways.
As you embrace that which has been,
You will be able to release it,
And so step forth into the places and healings.
I have ordained for you.

Remember beloved one,
There is nothing that I do not already know.
Nothing is unseen/hidden,
From Me.
No sin,
No secret way of being.
So to admit-----
Simply allows truth to penetrate.
So that you can see,
What has always been.
And find courage to step out of that,
And into new.

Yes that is letting go,
Not at all what you thought my vessel meant.
But child,
It is letting go of a false perceptual reality,
That has become your operational reality,
And which you can’t see clearly,
For yourself,
Until you trust Me to bring you forth.

Take My hand,
And if necessary the hand of a trusted other,
And we can turn you around,
To take a less familiar road,
But one filled with joy and blessing.