Coming To "Become"

Coming To "Become"

You are loved, beloved.
You are precious in my sight.
Your unshed tears are precious to Me.
The scream of your heart is "I want to be loved" and Child, you are loved.
People you don't even have awareness of love you.

There will be those for you to love and bring to life.

This is your time to freely receive.

When you you allow yourself to just "be", you will become.
But Child, a becoming of who you already are. It is becoming
as in be coming continually to Me.

All of my children are always in a process of becoming more and more like Me.
That requires a coming to Me daily and moment by moment, a turning to Me, a laying down or laying aside all that encumbers you.

My nature is implanted/grafted into you at new birth. Each time you take a step on the path I have chosen for you, you come to me to become who you already are.

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