Come To ME

Come to Me, Just as You Are


Beloved, come to Me.

Just come to Me.

Come just as you are,

No matter what is going on,

Come to Me.

Sit with Me.

Open your heart before Me.

    Allow my love to penetrate,

To the deepest core of who you are.

I created you.

I know you intimately.


My desire is to lavish My love on you.

Not for any thing you have done.

Not so that you will be more equipped,

To do anything.

I desire to love you,

Just because you are.


One of the highest gifts,

You can give Me,

Is to just simply “be” with Me.

Not hiding.

Not afraid.

Just coming to “be” with Me.


That does not mean you have to be silent,

The entire time.

But it does mean,

That as much as you are able,

You will be “real” & open

Before Me.

Joan 3-10-09


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