Come as you are Again

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Beloved, have I not told you before to comHis Invitation

Beloved, You will hear people say, "Lay aside the day or whatever is on your mind and come to worship."

But Beloved, my invitation to you this day is to come into my embrace/presence bringing with you ALL that concerns you.

As soon you enter my presence, which is my embrace of love, all of that will come to nothing.

Much will just fall away and the rest will fade from awareness (like when a slide fades away on a Powerpoint).

Then I see some trying so hard to get rid of or set aside the "stuff".  It's like a backpack stuck on your shoulders that you cannot get off. A picture like when a child needs help getting his backpack off or a jacket and they are frantically or even patiently struggling to remove but the parent, who is standing right there could do it for them with ease.

The Lord says, instead of all that, just come as you are and he will take care of it for you.

2-22-09 CRC Soaking---a Mid-Week Oasis

Then later, the next morning, I woke hearing this:


e as you are? 

It is so simple and my children struggle so with the coming.

It is IN the coming that you come INTO the place of rest.

It is not for you to enter rest in order TO come, you come in order to enter Rest.

To rest on Me is to lean your entire self on Me,

On Who I am.

I am issuing the invitation to my children to come to Me.

So will you come? Just as you are in the moment of coming?

Trusting ME enough to come just as you are, no matter how you are feeling, or what you have done?

See, Beloved true healing, heart healing comes to you, as does true resting on Me, when you come exactly as you are….

I see into your heart.  I know the thoughts in your mind before you speak one of them.  So what is there for you to do in order to be able to come?

It grieves Me that my children have bought into this false mind set that they have to DO something or some things in order to enter my embrace.

All I require is that you come.  In fact it is my desire that at those times when you feel most unworthy TO come that you do come.  Adam and Eve hid and my children have been hiding from me ever since.  It is so unnecessary. 

It is in the moment of coming that you receive.

My desire is to give.  My heart is to give.

Will you come to me?


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