There are those times, those places along the road called Life where each of you must make a choice.
     I call,
          I beckon,
               I even woo.
But the choice is yours.

Yes, each time there will be a perceived cost.
Something, even at times, someone must be left behind.
Each choice is a doorway.
Often a door to an unknown place or way of being. Those of you who seek to hear my voice will know beyond a shadow of a doubt which is the better door.

Leaving the familiar is hard.
Often my children cling to that which is familiar and so miss the soon-to-be-familiar and so-much-better gift that I offer.
     I come.
          I offer (ask).
               I invite.
Because of my great love for you.
But you have the choice.

You may wonder, Does the choice to decline that which I offer change my love toward you?
My love is a constant, it is constantly flowing to you.
But so often my children choose to divert it.
That is never my desire.

Life, my child, is a continual and continuing passage.
The choices of life are also continual and continuing. You always must choose.
Each choice, whether it is to continue on as you are or to continually grow in awareness and fullness of me is still a choice.

Just as you either are or are not born again, so also daily, monthly, yearly,
even moment by moment you choose to continually receive all that I offer.
Or you choose to continue as you always have been.
You can even choose to agonize each time-every time: "What shall I do?" "What is the cost?" "What will happen to me, to those I love if I do?"
Or you could choose ahead of time to just follow where I lead.
Knowing that yes, there is cost.
But there is also blessing.

In order to make the latter choice you must first choose to believe that I am who I say I am,
     That I am trustworthy,
          That I am ever for you, with you,
               That my plans for you are good.
                    That I am never the giver of any bad gift.
                          That I am not a teaser.
And child that I love you passionately and always have.
Even then there will still be times of wavering-times of apprehension but they will become less and less.

My desire for you, for each of you, is to choose Life.
To choose to live and move and have your very being in me.
For that is where there is fullness of life, true joy, and peace.

Jesus knew this place-this way of being.
Did he never agonize? Of course not but he always concluded with a surrender, a choice to surrender his will to mine.

It is in laying down your life that you receive life.
Each time, at first often, there will be a pull, a tug-of-war.
     Old or new?
          Know or unknown?
               Perceived safety or sure safety?
                    Bondage or freedom?
A choice of your way or my way.
But in every way a choice.
Will you set your heart, your mind, your soul, your spirit resolutely to follow me?
In so doing you will receive abundant life.

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