Note For Teachers

A Child Is Standing

A Child,

    A little child,

        Is standing,

            Or sitting.

Standing there crying out a silent cry,

    Which says:

        “Please love me”

            “Please notice me”

        “I am all alone”

            “In desperate need of love”

“Hear my silent cry”

    “See my silent need”

        “I need you to love me”

For a little child, love means “somebody is glad to see me."

How many of our children are coming, standing or sitting

with a silent cry?

“Please love me just as I am.”

“Please show me you are glad I am here.”

We don’t know them at first.  We don’t know what is happening in their lives.  But we do know that the cry for love is universal.  It transcends all barriers and unites all people.  It is a universal cry.  It says, look at me, really see me, please be glad that I exist.