Beloved, Your Child 



Your heart is troubled over many things.

      Come to  Me.

            Release those things to Me.


Know this, Beloved,

      I care for you.

            You are in My care.

                  The days and the nights are in My care.

You are in My love also.

      Come to Me.

            Come before Me.

                  Fall at My feet.

                        Allow My love to soak you,

                              To penetrate to the core of,

                                    Who you are.


Bask in My love.

      Bask in My provision.

            Rest in Me and rest on Me.

This time of your life is held,

      In the palm of my hand,

As were ever other time ,

      Of your life.

            And as will be each new time.

                  Trust in My love,

                        Knowing that I care for you.


You truly are my beloved daughter.

Ask for what ever you desire and it shall be

given unto you.



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