Beloved, When You Call 



     When you call,

          I come.

     When you call,

          I AM there.


In the very moment,

     Of your calling,

          Out to Me,

               You will discover that,

                     In Me is found,

                          ALL you need.

Whatever you need,

     Come to Me,

          From within that need.

You will find,

     That I was there,

          Waiting for you,

               To come to the end,

                     Of yourself,

                          And call upon Me.

I have promised,

     To supply,

          All your needs.

               Not some Beloved,


It is My desire,

     That you come to ME,

          In the moments of your life.

Fall on your face.

     And look to Me,

          In order to discover,

               In a deeper way,

                     Who I am,

                          And the extent 

                               Of My desire,

                                    To meet your every need.


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